Event Videos

Top templates for effective

Event Videos

Ensure your event get’s the attention it deserves with event videos that showcase your topics, speakers and activities, keep attendees informed and create valuable content you can share after the event.

The 'Make the Most' Template

Coming to an event is so much more than just listening to keynotes. The audience needs to know many pieces of information, which can all serve as a part of your marketing material. Just use this format.

The 'Meet the Mods' Template

We all love to talk about the event speakers, but many other key players are always involved. This is a format where you can easily spotlight them in your event marketing.

The 'Ask The Speaker' Template

Everyone loves a good AMA. If you have access to one or a couple of your speakers, this format is simple to produce and gives loads of value to your audience.

The 'This One’s For You' Template

When launching an event, you probably have several target audiences in mind. This is a format to directly address each and every one of them with your video marketing.

The 'Save The Date with Promise' Template

Want to put every little detail about your event into a format that creates a sense of urgency and constantly reminds the audience about what's coming up? This is that format.

The 'Theme Park' Template

Does your event have different themes or tracks? Don’t miss the opportunity to market every one of them. With this format, you will create a great sense of urgency and show that you’re on top of all the hot topics.

The 'Looking Forward' Template

Once you have an audience planning to attend the event, you can start creating videos where they talk about what they’re looking forward to the most. Use this format to create a bunch of these videos quickly.

The 'Day by Day' Template

When the event draws closer, this is a great format to create buzz and heighten specific expectations. Focusing on one particular day makes the event feel near and tangible.

The 'I Was There' Template

People trust other people. This is why testimonials work like magic in marketing. Using testimonials for events is no exception, and this is a super efficient format to leverage them.

The 'Keynote Quote' Template

Showing off your speakers is one of the best ways to market your event. For this format you don’t need much more than a quote.

The 'Keynote Speaker' Template

Every event has keynote speakers. With this format, you will make engaging videos presenting every single one - in minutes.