Report Videos

Top templates for effective

Report Videos

Make the information in your reports shine by using these templates for report videos. Highlight results, insights and findings, providing context with quotes from stakeholders, and taking a clear stance towards questions that arise.

The 'Area Code' Template

Focusing on a smaller segment is always good for videos. In this format, you choose a department, market, or other segment and go all in.

The 'Report Reaction' Template

Getting people’s reactions to a newly released report is a great way to create more buzz about it – so why not do it in video form?

The 'Year in Review' Template

A full year in review report is heavy reading. But summarising the main takeaways with a year in review video template can be an enticing teaser for the report while still bringing value on its own. Follow this format to do that.

The 'Stakeholder Detail Debrief' Template

Ever released a report with the enthusiastic cry “Read our new report”? Spice things up and add some faces to the numbers using this template. We promise you’ll see completely new reactions to your content.

The 'Opportunity/Threat' Template

Does a threat sound like good content to you? It is! Most of the time, being open with your challenges will build the most rewarding relationships with your viewers, and with this template, you can easily make great stories out of it.

The 'Key Goals and Drivers' Template

Communicating your goals is great for brand awareness; if you can connect that to a report or summary, you have a solid story. And this is the template to pull that off.

The 'Focus Forward' Template

Telling stories about your challenges is one of the best ways to be authentic today. Why? Because it’s great for relationship building. In this template, you’ll transform your less impressive results into future success stories.

The 'Takeaway Carousel' Template

In a good report, there are loads of different ways to sort and present results. Perhaps with different purposes, audiences or platforms in mind. With this template, you can frame takeaways in an enticing way and still dig a little deeper.

The 'Big Change' Template

Seen a big change? In your results, number of employees, or anything like that? Use this template, and you’ll have an attention-grabbing video in no time.

The 'Signature Takeaway' Template

Have a report but want to make it come alive? Use this template, and give those facts and stats a face and context.

The 'Facts & Figures' Template

Most audiences love to see figures, stats and facts. Showing off numbers also makes you seem like a credible source of information.